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Knits For Newborns

Novelty and themed knitting patterns

We have a lovely little collection for novelty or themed knitting patterns.  These include a boy’s sailor suit and a girl’s sailor dress.  There are also quite a few Christmas themed knitting patterns, a few Easter themed patterns, and a gorgeous Halloween themed dress set. Unfortunately, some of our photo’s just do not do all of the outfits justice, especially the ones that have been made with sparkly yarn.

We also have a really cute but smart formal suit knitting pattern which is suitable for a boy up to 6 months of age, and the same can be said for a girl’s pixie dress with integrated nappy pants. This pattern goes up to 9 months of age, so there is something to cater for the larger sizes.

As well as the patterns above, there is a gorgeous chunky Jack and Jill Frost themed hooded jacket which has been edged with sparkly eyelash yarn.  Not only is it very pretty, but it is also very warm, as well as being a lot easier to do than it looks.

This is another category that will have more knitting patterns added to it as time goes on, so please check back later to see what has been added.