How To Use Knitting-In-Lace

What is knitting in lace?

It is sometimes also called eyelet lace.  It adds a very pretty, and permanent decorative embellishment to any knitted or crocheted item.  As its name would imply, it is knitted into your work as a row of knitting with the yarn you are using to make your item.

How to use knitting in lace

The standard lace is usually around an inch wide and has a line of eyelet holes running along the centre.  It can come in a variety of sizes, colours and styles with more new varieties coming onto the market just recently.  For its use in knitting or even crochet, the eyelet holes of the lace are key.

In usual circumstances, the lace doesn't touch the skin of the wearer.  A few rows of garter stitch are worked first for either a cuff or a welt area before attaching the lace from the wrong side of the work you are placing it on.

How do you use knitting in lace?

Below, you can find a written description of how to use knitting in lace, or alternatively, click on the YouTube link a bit further down to watch the video of Jenny as she does it.

With the purl row side of stocking stitch facing you, place the lace to the back of the work against the knit row side of stocking stitch which will now be away from you.

Working as if you are going to do a row of garter st, insert the needle into the first stitch AND also through the first eyelet hole in the lace at the same time. Knit the stitch as you would normally.

Follow this procedure of every stitch to every eyelet hole, to the end of the row and cut off the lace making sure you don't cut through the last eyelet hole you have just worked.

Alternatively, please click on the video kindly provided by Jenny Pillay to watch the knitting in lace tutorial on YouTube.  Thanks, Jenny you are a star!

We have a small selection of knitting patterns that use knitting in lace.  Please click the link below to see our patterns that use knitting in lace.

Our own design knitting patterns using knitting-in-lace.

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