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Knits For Newborns

Customer Photographs

This is knitting pattern no. 83 as knitted by Danelle.  Her reborn looks nice and comfy dressed up in the little romper.   Danelle has knitted quite a few of my patterns, so you will see a lot of her pictures here.  Thank you Danelle for letting us use your pictures and show off your lovely knitting.

This lovely little set has been knitted by Sandy.  We think it looks wonderful in these colours.  This is from knitting pattern no. 64, which is one of the free patterns you receive when you order any paid-for PDF knitting pattern.  Thank you Sandy for letting us use your picture.

Judie has knitted this gorgeous little onesie from my knitting pattern no. 10. She has changed the eyelet stitch to stocking stitch and used a self patterning yarn instead. We think it looks really stunning and we love the colour too. Thank you Judie for letting me share your picture

This cute little button up vest was made by Sandra in Canada.  We think its looks lovely, and love the pastel shade its been made in.  Thank you for letting us share your photo Sandra.



This lovely little button up vest has been made from knitting pattern no. 12.  It also won Kim from New York, first place at a craft fair!  I think it was a well deserved win and I hope you will all join me in saying well done Kim!



This little tam 0 shanter has been knitted by Shirley. She has amended my pattern slightly by changing the moss stitch for stocking stitch and doing it in a self patterning yarn and we think it looks just great, and we love the colours. Thank you Shirl for letting us share your picture.



Here's a photo from Annette of Nettie's Reborn Creations of the premature button up vest set. We think it looks great in green and we absolutely love the flower she attached. Thank you Annette for letting us share your work.


Another photo from Joan, hasn't she been busy? This is her outfit from knitting pattern 27. Thank you for letting me show your photo Joan, we think its another great outfit you've made.


Photo sent in from Joan. She has made this little set for her lovely 10" doll. She adapted the premature boys matinee set by using 4ply yarn instead of double knitting to get this good fit. I love it! Thank you Joan for letting me share your work.


Photo sent in from Raquel. She has made this porcelain doll herself, knitted the side buttoning romper and made the little leaf buttons on it herself! Thank you Raquel for allowing me to share your work, it all looks absolutely beautiful.


Knitting Pattern No. 13 Vest Set

Sophie has knitted both of these vest sets for twins that are due.  She has used a cotton/silk blend yarn.  I think they have knitted up really well, and look fantastic with the multi coloured mix of heart shaped buttons.  Thank you Sophie for letting me use your picture.

Sonia has knitted my vest pattern for a special occassion, and I must say, she has done a beautiful job!  It looks so cute on, especially on such a handsome model.  Thank you Sonia for letting me share your photo.

Pattern 38, baby girls knitted leaf romper

Pattern 38 knitted by Ann

This gorgeous set has been knitted by Ann of Nitt Witz.  She has made some alterations of her own my turning it into a long sleeve version, and she has also added a T bar to the sandals.  It certainly has the wow factor.  Thank you Ann for allowing me to show your pictures.

Baby or reborn doll Romper/onesie knitting pattern 38

Sharon has knitted this lovely little romper from knitting pattern number 38, and it only took her a few days to do.  I love the colour combination of the yarn she has chosen.  Thank you Sharon for allowing me to share your picture.

Sharon has also knitted the girls set from knitting pattern 78.  I think it looks absolutely gorgeous in this colour scheme.  Thank you Sharon for letting me share your gorgeous knitting.

Baby or Reborn Doll Side buttoning vest, onesie, bodysuit knitting pattern

This is knitting pattern number 65 as knitted by Danelle.  She has used a lovely shade of lilac and contrasted it with white, and I think it looks lovely and really cute on her doll.  Thank you Danelle for letting me share your photo.

Knitting Pattern No. 70 knitted as an elf outfit

Knitted by Anne of Nitt Witz.  Anne has totally transformed knitting pattern no. 70 for the Christmas Angel Top set into an Elf outfit.  We are totally blown away at how different it looks just by using a different colour.  Thank you Anne for letting us show your picture.