DollieBabies Knits For Newborns
Knits For Newborns

My Sizing


My sizing is based on height. As babies are all individuals, their weight to height ratio can vary greatly. Below is a rough guide to my sizing.

10” or 25cm Height (Approx 1lb Prem)

11” or 27.5cm Height (Approx 1-1.5lb Prem)

12” or 30cm Height (Approx 1.5lb Prem)

14” or 35cm Height (Approx 2.5lb Prem)

15-16” or 37.5-40cm Height (Approx 2.5-4lb Prem)

16-17” or 40-42.5cm Height (Approx 3-5lb Prem)

18-19” pr 45-47.5cm Height (Approx 5-7lb Newborn)

20-21” or 50-52.5cm Height (Approx 8-10lb Newborn)

22” or 55cm Height (0-3 Months)