With a large selection of over 100 patterns and counting, our own design knitting patterns have many varied styles, so there is something for everyone here.  We cater for all abilities and items of baby clothing, from the classic baby cardigan, through to fancy dresses, with rompers, sweaters and bodysuits in between. We pride ourselves on our large range of baby boy knitting patterns, as well as our unisex patterns, some of which can be knitted up even before the gender of the baby is known.  Our patterns are suitable for premature babies, newborn babies and babies up to 3 months of age, and all of our patterns are suitable for reborn dolls from 10 inches and up to 24 inches.

Our patterns are written with row-by-row instructions, so you do not have to work out where to place buttonholes, or how to keep the stitch pattern correct during shaping as it has all been done for you.  This is ideal if you are a beginner knitter or have not knitted for many years and are just getting back into it, especially after lockdown, or if you want to sit and knit without all the working out whilst watching and concentrating on your favourite box set.

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