3-6 Month Knitting Patterns

After having been asked recently for some patterns for slightly larger sizes, we are starting to grow a collection of patterns for up to 6 months of age. These patterns have been specifically written for that age group, and we even have one that is for up to 9 months of age. There are going to be many more added over the coming months. Already there are a choice of styles including vests, body suits, cardigans, rompers, jackets and even a formal suit, which if we do say so ourselves, is rather cute. There is also a cute little bib with a hand sized comforter. Just like all of our patterns, the smaller sizes, and up to 3 months are also suitable for reborn baby dolls. The smaller sizes are knitted with 4ply yarn, and the larger sizes are knitted with double knitting yarn. Please see each individual listing for all the materials you will need to make these lovely patterns.

With several more of these size patterns in the pipeline, please check back regularly to see what new patterns have been added. There is never a new pattern too far away.

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