6-9 Month Knitting Patterns

Just recently, we have been asked for some larger-sized patterns. We have made a start on this and so far, we have this small collection of patterns which go up to 9 months of age. They are in our usual format of DK (double knitting) for the larger sizes and 4-ply for the smaller sizes unless otherwise stated. At this present moment in time, it is only the coat that doesn’t fall into this format as it has been done in a lightweight chunky yarn. Although there is only this small choice, there is a dress, romper and coat to choose from.

We are currently working on extending this category so that you will have a much wider choice of styles and shapes, and we hope it won’t be too long before they are available.

Please do check back soon to see what we have added, or feel free to sign up for our newsletter to receive notifications of when all new patterns have been added.

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