Reborn Only Knitting Patterns

These patterns have either been made for specific reborn dolls or they will fit reborn dolls better than a real infant.

Although all my patterns will fit reborn dolls as well as babies, these particular patterns are intended for reborn dolls only. This could be because they are shorter in the body than is needed for a baby, or that a doll would be easier to dress in a particular outfit, or it could even be down to the yarn that is used, as the furry yarn might irritate a real baby or that a particular chunky yarn would be too bulky.

Whilst there is only a small selection of knitting patterns, there are a couple of rompers, an envelope neck vest with long or short sleeves, a very premature size dress, and a very cute hooded jacket with matching bootees.

As time goes on, we will be adding more outfits to this category, so do please check back regularly to see how it is progressing.

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