Girls Pram Quilt Knitting Pattern 031


Manually emailed PDF instructions to knit a girl’s, pram-sized, fully reversible quilt with a Livingstone lilly motif worked from a chart in double knitting yarn.

Girl’s Pram Quilt Knitting Pattern

Manually emailed PDF instructions for you to knit a girl’s, pram-sized quilt worked in double knitting yarn. This quilt is fully reversible and features a Livingstone lilly motif.  The motif is worked from a chart.  The main body of the quilt is made up of individual squares which are sewn together afterwards.  We have placed the motif squares alternately but you can knit and arrange yours as you wish.

This quilt is double-thickness and is identical on both sides.  It also opens up at the top to allow wadding to be added inside and fastens each side with 5 very large buttons.  The top opening features 3 lines of lily motifs on each side.  The leaf edging is only knitted once.  The border is of double leaves and when finished, it folds in half.  It is then stitched on afterwards.

This girl’s pram quilt is not only pretty, but it is practical too.  With the wadding inside, it makes for a nice winter warm quilt when you are out for a walk in the pram on a cooler day.  Without the wadding, it will make for a lovely blanket.

The materials you will need for this girl’s pram quilt knitting pattern are as follows:-

300g of main colour dk yarn and 100g of contrast colour (green) dk yarn for the edging and the leaves

50g of contrast colour (pink)

10 large buttons

1 metre of 4oz wadding (available on eBay)

1 pair of 4mm needles to complete.




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