Crochet Patterns

As we have just started writing crochet patterns, we only have a small selection of crochet patterns for babies and reborn dolls.

When it comes to blankets, we prefer to crochet ours as we find it a lot easier than knitting one. As the blanket grows, your lap takes the weight of it, rather than the knitting needles. If it is a big blanket you need circular needles for length to knit it.  It makes us worry that the cable will snap. We also find that crocheting a blanket goes a lot quicker too.  Also, it doesn’t take long before there is enough of a blanket to keep your lap warm while you are making it.   This is probably why we have more crochet blanket patterns than any others.  They were made during the colder season.

We do have a lovely crochet pattern for a body suit though, which we thoroughly enjoyed making.  We hope you do too. Like our knitting patterns, except for the blankets, our crochet patterns are also multi-sized. They are worked in either 4ply or DK depending on what size you wish to make.

Knit & Crochet Combination Patterns

This knit & crochet combination pattern section is for patterns that require both knitting and crochet to complete.

Sometimes you see a crochet stitch that just cannot be replicated in knitting, but you prefer to knit.  Perhaps knitting is your first craft and so you only dabble with a bit of crochet. These patterns are ideal for that.

Although there is only a small collection of patterns here, there are plans to add more combination patterns in due course. Some of the forthcoming patterns might not have as much crochet in them as the existing patterns. A lot of the time, a knitted item with just a crochet edging, can produce a stunning-looking outfit.  Some of the crochet edgings are just beautiful. For those who feel that they could only manage to crochet an edging, then these patterns will suit you down to the ground.

Like our knitting and our crochet patterns, our combination patterns are also written in a row-by-row format, and they are multi-sized. They use 4ply yarn for the smallest sizes and double knitting yarn for the larger sizes. Each listing will tell you what hook and needle size to use for each size.

Please check back regularly to see how the collection is growing.

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