Baby Cardigan Knitting Patterns

An array of baby cardigan knitting patterns for you to make a warm cardigan for your baby or reborn doll.  We have lots of different styles to choose from.  There are V-necks, round necks, lacy, textured, plain, classic, trendy, themed, frilly and practical ones.  Your special little one will be nice and comfy in their special hand-knit.  The cardigan would be lovingly created by your own hands.  I have not yet met a baby who has not needed a little hand-knitted cardigan.

Our baby cardigan knitting patterns are very popular.  They are sized to allow for other clothing underneath them, such as a bodysuit and sleepsuit so your baby should still be comfortable under the armhole, and warmer with the slightly looser fit.  This will also allow a little growing room as they get outgrown so quickly, so you can get as much use as you possibly can from them.

Some of the cardigan patterns can be knitted before knowing the baby’s gender.  Once you know the baby’s gender, even if it is not until the actual day of the birth, you can quickly add buttons onto the side of the border that needs them, and your baby can have their first cardigan within minutes of being born.  For the patterns that this applies to, they will have it mentioned within the individual listing.

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