Very Premature Knitting Patterns

Here you will find knitting patterns for real babies or collectable reborn dolls starting from a very premature size. Most of the patterns, but not all of them, come in a range of 9 sizes starting from 0 lb right through to 3 months, or 10 to 22-inch reborn dolls.

With the 9 size patterns, there are just 2 sets of figures to work from so the instructions are not cluttered with all 9 sizes. The first set of figures is for the smaller sizes, and the second set of figures is for the larger sizes. From there, it is your yarn thickness, needle size and tension that dictates the finished size.

Most of these very premature knitting patterns are also suitable for special baby care units if you are knitting for charity, although a couple of them will not be suitable. We are starting to host our very own range of patterns, especially for special baby care units or neonatal intensive care units. Please check out the category for free special baby care unit knitting patterns, where you can instantly download the patterns. We are aiming to grow the selection over the coming months.

Full details of sizes and materials needed are in each listing.

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