Baby Bodysuit Knitting Patterns

A beautiful range of baby bodysuit knitting patterns. There are lots of different styles to choose from, so you are spoiled for choice. Some of the patterns have a choice of long sleeves, short sleeves, long legs and short legs within the pattern.  You can make lots of these outfits and each one can be different. Other styles include front fastenings, back fastenings and side fastenings. There are many different variations. There are even a couple of baby bodysuit knitting patterns that can be completed in a weekend.

Some are quite simple to do, some use knitting in eyelet lace, whilst others use fancy yarn. With such a vast array of styles, you are sure to find a pattern to suit your needs.  You could even try that new technique that you have been wanting to do but have been putting off.

As with all our patterns, they are written in a row-by-row instruction, so we do try and make our patterns easier to do than they sometimes look,  We have done all the calculations for you, so you can sit back and knit and enjoy the pattern.

Please check back on this category from time to time as it will be updated regularly.

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