Layette Knitting Patterns

In this category, we have babies or reborn dolls layette knitting patterns.

They are in book form as there are a lot of outfits to choose from within each book.  This has resulted in a lot of pages. There are also lots of images to show you individual pictures.

Our books have been written in the same stitch pattern throughout.  You can mix and match any outfits between them. There are rompers, cardigans, matinee jackets, hats, trousers and shorts to choose from.  There are also bodysuits, dresses, bonnets, booties and sandals.

Each knitting pattern book has 9 sizes to choose from starting from very premature through to 3 months of age.  They are also suitable for 10 to 24-inch reborn dolls. Our knitting patterns are written in an easy-to-understand format, and each item has individual pages to make it easier to read.

There will be a boys’ version to complete this set, but with so many styles of outfits, and so many sizes, these patterns do take a rather long time to write up.  They take time to knit, photograph and be tested by independent knitters. Work has been started on the new knitting pattern book, but I am afraid you will have to be patient until it is fully finished.

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