Knitting Patterns For Knitting In Lace

If you love the look of knitting in eyelet lace for your baby sets, these are the patterns for you.  If you like a particular pattern but do not want to use the lace, do not be put off.  You can just knit or purl the row as normal.

If you want to try it but do not know how we do have a video link for you to watch.  We also have written instructions on the website.  Just return to the home page and look for the category “How To Use Knitting In Lace” at the bottom of the page.

At present, we just have a handful of knitting patterns that use knitting in lace.  Some of them are Christmas-themed.  One is specifically for a premature baby or 16-inch reborn doll.  The bodysuit and vest and knickers knitting pattern goes up to 6 months in size.  With the vest and knickers set, there is knitting lace on the back of the pants.  Please see the photographs in the listing to see the full pictures.

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